Mold maintenance is critical to high quality, sometimes injection mold repairs are required. Due to of our on-site tooling facility, we are able to provide quick and efficient mold repairs.

VS Technology Indonesia for Repair Tooling served with :


NOMachine NameModelSerial NoUnit
T1Surface grinding FSG-2A618FB713C0021
T2 Horizontal vertical millingSWSOBVS50611
T3Lathe 530×110044221
T5CNC millingKE55KE2551
T6Welding RestigSW-0110041143-111
T7CNC milling (2)VM432FIS502001

Regular maintenance is performed when a mold is finished running, or for longer running production, after a certain number of cycles. When a mold is taken out of the plastic injection molding press, moving components must be cleaned and lubricated in open and closed positions to prevent corrosion and wear.

We can detect and correct small problems as part of regular preventive maintenance or during scheduled downtime, before they can compromise QA or shut down production.

We will make schedule for regular maintenance for mold, Scheduled service with quick turn to minimize downtime. Documented approach to extending the service life of your tooling, working within your planned outages, while ensuring continuing quality of output